Monday, October 12, 2009

We have a house... sort of.

Welcome to my second "mini-blog". It had been suggested to me that I should track the progress of our new house and it's renovations in a separate blog so people could see how it's coming along. I planned on photographing the process anyway so why not?
So it's been a while and these pictures are pretty old. But progress has been made.

Here's the side/back of the house. Confusing I know. Well since the house is over three hundred years old, the road it's "on" used to be the drive way up to it, the front door isn't facing the street. A little quirky I know.

This is the same view after quite a bit of landscaping (read: War on Nature). I tried to chip in one day and got covered in Poison Ivy cuz I'm such a smarty pants!
I'd like to go on record here and blame the round of steroids they gave me for my nearly ten pound baby covered head to toe in thick black hair...yes we've put in a call to Barnum and Bailey.

This is the side of the house that faces the street. We would have liked to put a door in here but the wall needed some structural reinforcing and it wouldn't have been safe. Oh well.

I'll settle for windows. Ooooh! Purty. And check out that freshly mowed lawn. Snazy.
Well that's all I really have time for because fur baby can't feed herself yet so she's screaming away behind me to let me know that it's time for a small smackeral of something.